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New Jersey Commercial Truck Insurance and Requirements

The trucking business is a crucial part of the nation’s transportation infrastructure, and the state of New Jersey is no exception. With a bustling port system along the Delaware River, New Jersey is home to many small and large trucking businesses that ensure goods are transported to their destinations quickly and efficiently. As such, commercial truck insurance is an essential part of any trucking business in the state, as it helps ensure that drivers are protected in case of any accidents or damage.

Lets explore the ins and outs of commercial truck insurance in New Jersey, from required coverage to additional ways to protect your business. By the end, you should have an understanding of New Jersey commercial truck insurance requirements and why they’re important.

What Is Commercial Truck Insurance?

Commercial truck insurance is an insurance policy specifically designed to cover trucks and other large commercial vehicles. It’s important to note that while many smaller businesses may operate one or more commercial vehicles, most states require specialized coverage for any vehicle used for business purposes.

Typically, commercial truck insurance policies cover both liability and physical damage. Liability coverage helps cover costs associated with damage or injury caused by a business’s vehicle, such as repairs for another vehicle damaged in an accident. Physical damage coverage helps cover repair costs for a business’s own vehicles in the event of an accident or other type of damage.

New Jersey Commercial Truck Insurance Requirements

The state of New Jersey has specific requirements for commercial truck insurance coverage, which are outlined below:

1. Bodily Injury Liability: This coverage pays for medical expenses and other costs associated with injuries suffered by other individuals in an accident caused by a business’s vehicle. The state requires minimum limits of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident for this coverage.

2. Property Damage Liability: This coverage pays for property damage caused by a business’s vehicle in an accident. The state requires a minimum limit of $5,000 for this coverage.

3. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: This coverage pays for damages caused by an uninsured motorist or one who doesn’t have enough insurance to cover all of the costs associated with an accident. The state requires a minimum limit of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident for this coverage.

4. Comprehensive Coverage: This coverage pays for non-accident-related damage to a business’s vehicle, such as vandalism or theft. The state does not impose any minimum requirement for this coverage.

5. Collision Coverage: This coverage pays for repairs to a business’s vehicle caused by an auto collision with another vehicle or object. The state does not impose any minimum requirement for this coverage.

6. Cargo Coverage: This coverage pays for losses due to theft or damage to cargo being transported by a commercial vehicle. The state does not impose any minimum requirement for this coverage; however, some carriers may impose their own minimum requirement at their discretion.

7. Non-Trucking Liability: This coverage is required if a business’s vehicles are operated without a trailer or when they’re being used statewide and not just within New Jersey’s borders. It covers liability when a vehicle is being used outside of its primary hauling tasks (e.g., personal errands). The state requires a minimum limit of $750,000 for this coverage.

Additional Coverage Options that may be available

In addition to the required coverages listed above, there are several other types of coverage that businesses can choose to add on to their commercial truck insurance policies, including:

1. Medical Payments Coverage: This coverage helps pay medical expenses for drivers or passengers who are injured in an accident involving a business’s vehicle regardless of fault.

2. Hired and Non-Owned Vehicle Insurance: This covers liability for vehicles that are rented in the course of business operations or that are owned by someone else but being used for business purposes (e.g., cars borrowed from an employee).

3. Drop Trailer Coverage: This coverage covers liability for any trailers not attached to the power unit (vehicle) at the time of an accident—typically because they were dropped off at their destinations before returning home with the power unit empty.

4. Electronic Data Processing Equipment Insurance: This covers any losses incurred due to electronic equipment (e.g., mobile communication devices) being damaged or stolen from a business’s vehicles.

In addition to these optional coverages, businesses may also want to consider adding an endorsement that changes their policy limits based on their daily route changes (i.e., varying limits depending on whether their vehicles are traveling through different states). This type of endorsement can help ensure that they won’t be underinsured no matter where their vehicles are traveling.

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Commercial truck insurance is an essential element of any trucking business in New Jersey, as it helps keep drivers and cargo safe on the roads and provides financial protection in case of any accidents or damage that may occur during operations or deliveries. The state requires specific coverages and minimum limits, which businesses must adhere to in order to legally operate their vehicles within the state’s borders. Additionally, there are several optional coverages and endorsements that businesses may want to consider adding on in order to provide additional protection for their vehicles and cargo while out on the roadways.

Below are the classifications of commercial big rig trucking policies.

• Symbol 1 – Any auto, don’t have to schedule them. Covers any auto as long
as the insured is using it. (This is rare nowadays especially for Big Rig Trucks))

• Symbol 2 – Any owned auto. Covers only autos that the insured owns.
Includes autos you acquire ownership of after the policy begins.

• Symbol 3 – Owned private passengers autos only. Covers private passenger
autos. Includes autos you acquire after the policy begins.

• Symbol 4 – Owned autos other than private passenger autos only. Covers only
those autos you own that are not private passenger and for liability for trailers
you don’t own while attached to power units you own. Includes those autos
not of the private passenger type you acquire after the policy begins.

• Symbol 5 – Owned autos. Subject to No Fault State.

• Symbol 6 – Owned autos. Subject to Compulsory Uninsured Motorist Law.
Form you attach when the state requires and insured can not reject uninsured
motorist coverage. It includes autos you acquire during the policy period after
the policy begins.

• Symbol 7 – Specifically described autos. Covers only described autos.
Coverage follows power unit. Non owned trailers have liability with this form. (Most common for Big Rig, Box Trucks and other For-Hire operations)

• Symbol 8 – Hired Auto Only. Covers auto you lease, hire, rent or borrow.
This does not include any auto you lease, hire, rent or borrow from any of your
employees, partners or members, etc.

• Symbol 9 – Non-Owned Autos Only – Coverage auto you do not own, lease,
hire, rent or borrow that are used in connection with your business. Includes
auto owned by your employees, partners, members, etc.

We can easily insure the following New Jersey business types.


New Jersey Heavy Construction Contractors-
SIC Code-1622-Bridge, tunnel, & elevated highway construction
SIC Code-1629-Heavy construction
SIC Code-1611-Highway & street construction
SIC Code-1623-Water, sewer, & utility lines

New Jersey Petroleum & Coal Products-
SIC Code-2952-Asphalt felts & coatings
SIC Code-2951-Asphalt paving mixtures & blocks
SIC Code-2992-Lubricating oils & greases
SIC Code-2999-Petroleum & coal products
SIC Code-2911-Petroleum refining

New Jersey Special Trade Contractors-
SIC Code-1751-Carpentry work
SIC Code-1771-Concrete work
SIC Code-1731-Electrical work
SIC Code-1794-Excavation work
SIC Code-1752-Floor laying & floor work
SIC Code-1793-Glass & glazing work
SIC Code-1796-Installing building equipment
SIC Code-1741-Masonry & other stone work
SIC Code-1721-Painting & paper hanging
SIC Code-1742-Plastering, drywall, & insulation
SIC Code-1711-Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning
SIC Code-1761-Roofing, siding, & sheet metal work
SIC Code-1799-Special trade contractors
SIC Code-1791-Structural steel erection
SIC Code-1743-Terrazzo, tile, marble, mosaic work
SIC Code-1781-Water well drilling
SIC Code-1795-Wrecking & demolition work

New Jersey Transportation Equipment-
SIC Code-3724-Aircraft engines & engine parts
SIC Code-3721-Aircraft
SIC Code-3728-Aircraft parts & equipment
SIC Code-3732-Boat building & repairing
SIC Code-3761-Guided missiles & space vehicles
SIC Code-3751-Motorcycles, bicycles, & parts
SIC Code-3716-Motor homes
SIC Code-3714-Motor vehicle parts & accessories
SIC Code-3711-Motor vehicles & car bodies
SIC Code-3743-Railroad equipment
SIC Code-3731-Ship building & repairing
SIC Code-3764-Space propulsion units & parts
SIC Code-3769-Space vehicle equipment
SIC Code-3795-Tanks & tank components
SIC Code-3799-Transportation equipment
SIC Code-3792-Travel trailers & campers
SIC Code-3713-Truck & bus bodies
SIC Code-3715-Truck trailers
_ _
New Jersey Transportation Services-
SIC Code-4731-Freight transportation arrangement
SIC Code-4785-Inspection & fixed facilities
SIC Code-4783-Packing & crating
SIC Code-4729-Passenger transport arrangement
SIC Code-4741-Rental of railroad cars
SIC Code-4725-Tour operators
SIC Code-4789-Transportation services
SIC Code-4724-Travel agencies
_ _
New Jersey Trucking & Warehousing-
SIC Code-4215-Courier services, except by air
SIC Code-4221-Farm product warehousing & storage
SIC Code-4225-General warehousing & storage
SIC Code-4212-Local trucking, without storage
SIC Code-4214-Local trucking with storage
SIC Code-4222-Refrigerated warehousing & storage
SIC Code-4226-Special warehousing & storage
SIC Code-4213-Trucking, except local
SIC Code-4231-Trucking terminal facilities

New Jersey Wholesale Trade – Nondurable Goods-
SIC Code-5181-Beer & ale
SIC Code-5192-Books, periodicals, & newspapers
SIC Code-5169-Chemicals & allied products
SIC Code-5145-Confectionery
SIC Code-5143-Dairy products, exc. dried or canned
SIC Code-5122-Drugs, proprietaries, & sundries
SIC Code-5159-Farm-product raw materials
SIC Code-5191-Farm supplies
SIC Code-5146-Fish & seafood’s
SIC Code-5193-Flowers & florists’ supplies
SIC Code-5139-Footwear
SIC Code-5148-Fresh fruits & vegetables
SIC Code-5153-Grain & field beans
SIC Code-5149-Groceries & related products
SIC Code-5141-Groceries, general line
SIC Code-5113-Industrial & personal service paper
SIC Code-5154-Livestock
SIC Code-5147-Meats & meat products
SIC Code-5136-Men’s & boys’ clothing
SIC Code-5199-Nondurable goods
SIC Code-5142-Packaged frozen foods
SIC Code-5198-Paints, varnishes, & supplies
SIC Code-5171-Petroleum bulk stations & terminals
SIC Code-5172-Petroleum products
SIC Code-5131-Piece goods & notions
SIC Code-5162-Plastics materials & basic shapes
SIC Code-5144-Poultry & poultry products
SIC Code-5111-Printing & writing paper
SIC Code-5112-Stationery & office supplies
SIC Code-5194-Tobacco & tobacco products
SIC Code-5182-Wine & distilled beverages
SIC Code-5137-Women’s & children’s clothing

Is your New Jersey commercial trucking for hire operation ready to haul loads?

To check whether your FMCSA operating authority has been issued(granted) or not do this,

  • Go to the SAFER website
  • See bold heading “FMCSA Searches”
  • Click on “Licensing & Insurance”
  • Enter MC Number or USDOT Number in the appropriate box and click “search”
  • Click “HTML”
  • Scroll to bottom and click on “Authority History.” This page will display the granted date of the operating authority

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McGuire AFB, Madison, Madison Park, Magnolia, Manahawkin, Manasquan, Mantoloking, Manville, Maplewood, Margate City, Marlton, Matawan, Mays Landing, Maywood, Medford Lakes, Mendham, Mercerville-Hamilton Square, Merchantville, Metuchen, Middlesex, Midland Park, Milford, Millburn, Millstone, Milltown, Millville, Monmouth Beach, Monmouth Junction, Montclair, Montvale, Moonachie, Moorestown-Lenola, Morganville, Morris Plains, Morristown, Mountain Lakes, Mountainside, Mount Arlington, Mount Ephraim, Mullica Hill, Mystic Island, National Park, Navesink, Neptune City, Netcong, Newark, New Brunswick, New Egypt, Newfield, New Milford, New Providence, Newton, North Arlington, North Beach Haven, North Brunswick Township, North Caldwell, North Cape May, Northfield, North Haledon, North Middletown, North Plainfield, Northvale, North Wildwood, Norwood, Nutley, Oakhurst, Oakland, Oaklyn, Oak Valley, Ocean Acres, Ocean City, Ocean Gate, Ocean Grove, Oceanport, Ogdensburg, Old Bridge, Old Tappan, 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Girt, Sea Isle City, Seaside Heights, Seaside Park, Secaucus, Sewaren, Shark River Hills, Shiloh, Ship Bottom, Shrewsbury, Silver Ridge, Society Hill, Somerdale, Somerset, Somers Point, Somerville, South Amboy, South Belmar, South Bound Brook, South Orange, South Plainfield, South River, South Toms River, Spotswood, Springdale, Springfield, Spring Lake, Spring Lake Heights, Stanhope, Stockton, Stone Harbor, Stratford, Strathmere, Strathmore, Succasunna-Kenvil, Summit, Surf City, Sussex, Swedesboro, Tavistock, Teaneck, Tenafly, Teterboro, Tinton Falls, Toms River, Totowa, Trenton, Tuckerton, Turnersville, Twin Rivers, Union, Union Beach, Union City, Upper Saddle River, Ventnor City, Vernon Valley, Verona, Victory Gardens, Victory Lakes, Villas, Vineland, Vista Center, Waldwick, Wallington, Wanamassa, Wanaque, Waretown, Washington, Washington Township, Watchung, Wayne, Wenonah, West Belmar, West Caldwell, West Cape May, Westfield, West Freehold, West Long Branch, West Milford, West New 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